Mar 17, 2012

Angels 5k Race Recap

This morning I ran the Angels 5k. With a later than normal start (9:00 am) and the proximity of the race, I was able to take my time waking up, drinking my coffee, and heading out the door. It was nice not to be driving before the sun woke up =)

There were a little under 200 people running the 5k. The course was relatively flat, save for one decent hill at the beginning. Now, this is the kind of hill that is really fun to drive in the car (you know that feeling when you "lose your stomach?" oooh yeah!).

But running? Not so much. It came at at the end of the first mile and pretty much did me in. I just wasn't feeling it today. I was tired from the start and I just didn't feel like making myself want to die in this 5k (running 3 miles at a suicide pace is way harder than people think!).

As we came up to the first hill, this little kid (seriously- I've seen trophies that were taller than this dude) started saying "oh no! a hill! hills are scary! hills are hard!" And I thought maybe, just maybe the disdain for running up hills is an innate trait, not a learned one.

Knowing how young and gullible kids are, I told him "nah- it's not that hard! you can do it!" Then he changed his tune to "ok hill- I can do it!" Then I powered up the hill and he fell behind.

Less than a minute after clearing the hill, the midget runs past me and says "I'm passing you again!" and that's the last I saw of him.

Kids just say the darnedest things, don't they?

I finished with a respectable time of 26:15, snatching 2nd in my age group. These small town races are really spoiling me =)

Come back tomorrow for my Leprechaun 8k race recap!

Have you ever had a little kid beat you in a race?

If "geezered" is being passed by an old person, what is the term for being passed by a kid?


  1. Preschooled? :) I just thought of it, but I like it. As in: "That kid passed you like you were standing still. You didn't just get schooled, you got preschooled!"

    Probably my most "embarrassing" race moment thus far was nearing the end of a 5k. I was running along side a 10 year old girl and she turned it on and just smoked me.

    I'm a little faster now and allow few 10 year old and under kids to beat me. However, some of the little rug rats are fast! While they may beat me, I absolutely refuse to let another one beat me at the end of a race like that again. :)

    1. haha! I like "preschooler." So humbling!!!

      So not only were you passed up by a kid, but it was a chick. You were chicked AND preschooled! for shame.... ;)

  2. Congrats on the award. My hubby and I ran the race, too, and we saw you get it. :-) Hubby has been trying for years to get first in his age group and finally did it this morning. I won't tell him about the 'geezered' term (he just turned 50 last month.)

    Have fun running your 8k!

    1. thanks Kenni!! The next time we run a race, snag me and say hi!! Huge congrats to your husband- 1st place is tough!!

  3. oh yes, I've been beat by so many kiddos, it's sad. Congrats on the age group award and hopefully the 8k goes just as well!

  4. How 'bout "squirted," "runted," or "pip squeaked?" Yep, I have a feeling my own daughter might do this to me before it's all over. :-) I definitely know that feeling during a race when you just start thinking, "I'm tired and I just don't care about going any faster." I got really apathetic on the marathon. I remember wondering why in the hell was I putting myself through this. Of course, you forget the pain almost instantly after it's over!

  5. I get beat by kids all the time! Once they are 13, I stop feeling bad about it. Well, that's a lie. I still do. :)