Feb 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

How is it time for a weekly wrap up already? The days seem to fly by, especially so the closer we get to marathon day!

I had a pretty quiet week, hence my lack of posting. Two weeks ago, I blasted everyone with posts almost daily. And this week? Yep... nadda.

Obviously the highlight of my week was my romp through the woods on the Appalachian Trail. Aside from that, I pretty much took it easy easier in attempt to taper.

2 mile walk

My Monday regular: a quick warm up on the treadmill (this time it was incline walking) before NROLFW 4A. I was pretty tired during this workout and dropped from 3 sets of each workout to 2. I did up the weights though, so maybe that had something to do with it.

2 miles / 24:00 / 13:05 pace

5 miles

For the first time in a while (er... ever?) I had truly negative splits for this run! It was pretty cold at the start and my legs were in need of a slow warm up mile. After things got cooking', the magic started happening (including an 8:30 final mile!) =)

5 miles / 46:01 / 9:12 pace

3.15 miles

Another warm up on the 'mill before NROLFW 4B.

3.15 miles / 29:00 / 9:11 pace


16 miles

Some outdoorsy fun in Northern Georgia on the A.T. Read more about it here.


(unless you count walking around being a tourist as miles in the bank...?)


I'm a little sore from Friday's hike, so I've been on the foam roller like it's my job. I'm planning on a few short 3 mile runs with Crazy Face this week to shake out the soreness and nerves before heading down to Florida on Friday. I'm also cooking up marathon goals for Sunday and hope to post them soon.

Using one word, tell me about your training last week!

Ok, ok, you can use more than one word ;)

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  1. sounds like a good week to me. I'm excited to hear about your marathon goals. Congrats on the negative splits. That's no small feat! One word to describe my training last week? COLD. as in, it was coolddd outside and I had a cold. Works on both levels ;)