Feb 6, 2012

Monday, Monday

... can't trust that day.

We all know Daily Mile thinks the week starts on a Monday, even though my good sense tells me Sunday is the start of the week. But since DM keeps track of my miles, I guess I'll consider Sunday as the end of the running week. Thus... my week in review.

2 mile run

A quick warm up before an NROLFW session.

2 miles/ 19:00 / 9:30 pace

6 mile run

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather for an afternoon run. I also laughed my face off giving Crazy Face cooked spaghetti noodles. Hooray for ditching the e-collar!

6 miles / 56:20 / 9:22 pace

5 miles

Cold, rainy weather chased me right to the gym. Maybe it was something about the treadmill that inspired my vegetarian/clean eating post?

5 miles /47:34 / 9:22 pace

7.38 miles
6 miles

...hooray for a twofer! In the morning I busted out a little run. I sat on my butt all day and then ran the trails in the dark with my new running group. It didn't matter that I was tired and wanted to walk, unless I wanted to spend the night out there I had to keep up!

7.38 miles / 1:05:52 / 8:55 pace
6 miles / 59:06 / 9:55 pace


5 miles

Drove up to B.F.E. Salisbury for a rainy 8k race that turned out to be as good as puppies and rainbows!

5 miles / 42:38 / 8:30 pace

7 miles

I'll admit it, I just wanted to see my DM ticker hit 40 miles for the week, so I went out for 7 miles. In all seriousness, it was better than puppies and rainbows- I felt like I could run forever. Best.Feeling.Ever.

7 miles /1:04:15 / 9:11 pace

Total miles: 40!!

I must admit, it's somewhat surreal to see my pace for all my runs in the 9's, a few even in the 8's! It still feels like my paces are a fluke, like I just had some really good runs and I'll go out tomorrow and be back to my 'normal' pace.

Maybe it's time I move on from calling myself a slow runner, but I'm certainly not ready to call myself fast. Is there such thing as a moderato runner?

How was your training week?

How do you label yourself?

Can you name that song?


  1. Wow, what an awesome week! Good work!

  2. Congrats, great workouts!!!! Way to go hitting 40 :)

    And I always set my workout week Mon - Sun so I have the option of doing my long run on Sat or Sun.

  3. Niiiiice week!! I love that DM does M-S weeks :) I guess it's years of church, but I can't shake it that Sunday is the last day of the week.

  4. twice in one day?! holy cow... i ran once back to back last week and my joints felt it...

  5. You are FIERCE! Great job! I've been cross training like crazy and running 20 a week. Time to amp it up.