Feb 29, 2012

Leap Run

Just one more day to enter my Tommie Copper sleeves giveaway!! Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each entry. One comment = one entry.

In honor of Leap Day/Year, I participated in Life as a Running Mom's virtual Leap Year Race, a race where you run 2.9 miles. Check it out here.

I took my Leap Run to the gym since it was raining and I'm a big sissy. I ran 2.9 miles in 25:50, which is definitely not a personal best. But c'est la vie... I was keeping it easy because I knew I had my last session of stage 4 in the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Recap coming soon.

Last night, an exciting package came for me and the boys (yes, the dogs received a package). Kristi on over at Life Sprinkles sent us a goody box of Lara bars, doggy treats, and a Trader Joe's gift card!

My little box of happy!

I won the swag from one of her contests (she's all about dogs, and I'm all about dogs, so I really LOVE her blog!). Thank you, Kristi!!! Little Paws and Crazy Face thank you too.

Darn our lack of opposable thumbs!!

I'm afraid this post is short and sweet- I'm off to Virginia for my Navy Band audition/interview. If you have some extra time tomorrow at 1:00 PM, send me some good vibes!!

How are you celebrating Leap Day?

Have you entered to win some Tommie Copper sleeves? Only one day left!!!


  1. Nice swag box! I know my pup would be happy happy to get yummy treats!

    Today I will also be joining you and taking a run. Nike is doing something like this called #makeitcount. I think it says just one mile, but I like 2.9 better! Let's do it!

  2. That's so awesome that you got swag for your dogs! Great job on your run!

  3. man, I want that box. I'm jealous. Nice job on the leap day run!! I'll be doing my 4 mile race in approximately 2 hours...

  4. Leap Day makes me nervous... I keep forgetting and then I'm like, oh crap, it's Leap Day... am I supposed to be burning some candles or getting ashes on my forehead or what? So, no celebrating it... I did however, run 4.5 miles then swim a mile, so let's pretend that was my celebration, right?
    And as for the TC giveaway, HECK YES I've jumped thru as many hoops as I could muster... Mama NEEDS some good support, haha!! Thanks for the smiles!

  5. so glad you liked it! that pic is too cute of your pups trying to work out how to get into that bag - hope they enjoy the treats! :)

  6. Good luck this weekend! Your dogs are so cute!